INVENT2  5' Inventor's Daughter: invisibibilty

Michaela's dad was an inventor. An inventor makes things that
nobody has ever made before. Michaela's dad made things that
were so good that men in army uniforms would come to the house
to see if his latest invention could be used by the army.

Michaela's dad usually kept his workshop locked when he wasn't
working on an invention. But one day, Michaela came by the door
when it wasn't locked and her dad wasn't home.

Michaela didn't get to be in her dad's workshop very much, so
she went in to look around. On the workbench was what looked
like a garage door remote control.

Michaela looked around to make sure her dad couldn't see her,
then she picked up the remote and pushed the button.

"My arm disappeared!" she gasped.

But as soon as she lifted her thumb from the button her arm

"I'm sure glad my arm didn't disappear forever!" she said to

Michaela pushed the button again, but this time, she looked down
at her feet to see if they disappeared too. Sure enough, they
disappeared too!

Michaela stuffed the remote control into her pocket and went
into the house to look into the full-length mirror in the
hallway. She looked around to be sure noone could see, then
pulled out the remote control and pushed the button. Her whole
body disappeared!

Michaela thought that the remote control might be useful at
school tomorrow, so she hid it in her backpack overnight. The
next day, she walked to school as usual, but when she saw Tommy,
the naughty neighbor boy down the street, she hid behind a bush
and watch Tommy and his naughty little friends bully the other
children on their way to school. The boys stole their lunches
and made them give up their lunch money.

So, Michaela pulled out the remote control and pushed the button
and she walked right by them and they didn't even know she was
there. She held her thumb on the button until she turned the
corner. Then, she let go of the button and reappeared.

Just then, Michaela heard a little girl screaming and crying
behind her. She ran back and looked around the corner to see
what was happening. It was Michaela's next door neighbor Emily.
Tommy and his naughty little friends had stolen a stuffed frog
from Emily. Tommy strapped it onto his backpack so he could
boast about it all day at school.

Michaela decided to wait for Emily. And when she came by she was
still crying over the stuffed frog.

"Those big boys stole my frog!" cried Emily, "Can you get it
back for me, Michaela?"

"Sure!" replied Michaela.

Michaela and Emily, hid in the bushes until after the bully boys
walked by on their way to school.

Michaela whispered, "Wait here. I'll be right back."

Then she walked quietly up behind the boys, and when she was out
of sight of Emily, she pushed the button on the remote control
and became invisible. Then she slowly and quietly untied the
stuffed toy from Tommy's backpack and returned it to Emily.
Tommy didn't notice that it was missing until after he got to

When she got to school, Michaela asked the teacher for
permission to go to the bathroom. But, as usual, the teacher
made her wait until recess. So, when the teacher's back was
turned, Michaela, who sits in the last row, pushed the button on
the remote control and walked right out the back door of the
classroom without anyone seeing. She held her thumb on the
button until she was safely inside the bathroom. When she was
done, she returned to the classroom the same way. And nobody
even knew she was gone.

After school, Michaela walked home as usual, but on her way, she
saw a man steal a woman's purse and run down the street toward
Michaela. Michaela ducked behind a bush and pushed the button,
and when the thief came by, she stuck out her invisible leg and
tripped him. He fell and whacked his head and dropped the purse.
Michaela immediately let go of the button and picked up the
purse as the woman came running after the thief while calling
the police on her cell phone. Michaela handed the purse to the
woman as the police car came racing around the corner. They
arrested the thief and hauled him off to jail.

Michaela wanted to tell everybody that she was the one who
helped the police to capture the thief, but she couldn't because
her dad would find out that she did it using his invention. So,
she kept quiet.

When she got home, she tried to put the remote control back into
the workshop, but the door was locked. When she turned around,
her father was there.

"What's that in you're hand?!" he asked, "I've been looking for

Michaela was grounded for a week.

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