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Michaela's dad was an inventor. An inventor makes things that
nobody has ever made before. Michaela's dad made things that
were so good that men in army uniforms would come to the house
to see if the latest invention could be used by the army.

Michaela's dad usually kept his workshop locked when he wasn't
working on an invention. But one day, Michaela came by the door when
it wasn't locked and her dad wasn't home.

Michaela didn't get to be in her dad's workshop very much, so she
went in to look around. On the workbench was what looked like a
squirt gun with a telescope on top.

Michaela looked around to make sure her dad couldn't see her, then
she picked up the squirt gun and looked through the telescope at
a pile of saw dust on the floor across the room. The saw dusk
looked much closer in the telescope, so close, in fact that
small wood pieces looked as big as Lego blocks.

Michaela pulled the trigger on the squirt gun, expecting that some
water would squirt the saw dust. But nothing happened. So, she
looked all over the squirt gun to see if it could be filled with
water. But Michaela found a switch, like a light switch that said,
ON and OFF. The switch was in the OFF position. So, Michaela turned
it ON. Then, Michaela aimed the gun at the pile of saw dust and
pulled the trigger again.

But instead of squirting water at the sawdust, the gun made Michaela
disappear, then immediately reappear standing on top of the pile
of saw dust.

"Wo!" exclaimed Michaela, "This is cool!"

She aimed the gun at the floor where she had been standing
before and pulled the trigger. Faster than she could think about
it, Michaela was back across the room.

Michaela knew she shouldn't be playing with her dad's inventions
but, she was so excited, she ran out into the yard and aimed the
gun at the roof of her house and pulled the trigger.
Immediately, she was standing on the roof. But because the roof
was slanted, Michaela immediately lost her balance and began to fall
off the roof. As she was falling, she quickly aim the gun at the
grass and pulled the trigger. Immediately, Michaela was back
down on the ground in the middle of the yard. She didn't fall!

"Wo!" exclaimed Michaela, "This is cool!"

Just then, Amy, Michaela's neighbor, about five years old, came
crying to the back gate.

"My fluffy is lost!" cried Amy.

Michaela hid the gun behind her back because she didn't want the
neighbors asking Michaela's dad about it.

"I'll find your cat for you!" replied Michaela.

"You will?" asked Amy.

"Sure. You go home and I'll have your cat for you in just a few
minutes." replied Michaela.

"Okay." said Amy as she returned home.

Michaela made sure that Amy was out of sight before she aimed
the gun at the roof of her house again. But this time she aimed
carefully to be sure she would land on the very top of the roof
of her house exactly where she had aimed. She balanced herself
carefully so as not to fall off, then, she looked and turned in
all directions looking for fluffy the cat.

At first Michaela couldn't see the cat anywhere in the neighborhood.
So, she tried looking through the telescope on the gun for a
closer look. After a while she saw the cat up in a tree across
the street.

Michaela aimed the telescope at a tree branch just below the cat and
pulled the trigger. Immediately, she was standing next to the
cat in the tree. She picked up the cat and pointed the gun at
the sidewalk across the street in front of Amy's house, then she
pulled the trigger. Immediately, Michaela was standing in front
of Amy's front door.

Michaela pushed the door bell and when Amy came to the door, Amy
shouted, "Fluffy! Fluffy! Where did you find him?"

Michaela didn't want to tell Amy how she ended up in the tree
with the cat, so she just said, "Fluffy was across the street."

While Michaela was next door at Amy's house, Michaela's mom
found the door to the workshop wide open.

"Who left this door open?!" she asked as she closed and locked
the door. Then went into the house.

When Michaela went back to the workshop, the door was locked.

Michaela asked herself, "Oh, dear, how am I going to get Daddy's
invention back into his workshop?!"

She walk around the outside of the garage, hoping to find one of
the windows unlocked. But they were all locked.

"Oh, dear!" said Michaela, "Daddy's going to be so mad at me when he
finds his gun missing!"

Then Michaela got an idea. She pointed the gun through the window at
the floor inside the workshop and pulled the trigger.
Immediately, Michaela was inside the workshop. She put the gun back
on the work bench where she found it and then she unlocked the
door from the inside and opened it.

Just then, a mean looking man stepped into the doorway.

"Give me the gun!" he demanded.

"This is my daddy's gun!" Michaela replied as she backed away.

"Not anymore! It's my gun now. Give it to me!" he demanded.

Michaela backed away as she looked around for somewhere to run
or hide. But the door was the only place to run and Lucifer
Snidely was standing in the door. Suddenly, Michaela got an
idea. She offered the gun to Lucifer Snidely. And when he
reached for it, Michaela aimed the gun at the floor under the
work bench. At the same time, she grabbed Lucifer Snidely's hand
with her other hand as she pulled the trigger.

Both Michaela and Lucifer Snidely disappeared, but when they
reappeared under the work bench, the man was too tall, so he hit
his head on the under side of the work bench and lifted it off
the floor, then he immediately fell on the floor, knocked out.

Michaela ran into the house and called 911. The police arrested
Lucifer Snidely.

Normally, Michaela would have been a hero for putting a robber in
jail, but because her dad found out how the robber got into the
workshop, Michaela was grounded for a week.

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