DRAGON3  8' Peasant girl befriends a dragon, saves a king

Once upon a time a long time ago in a land far far away, a
peasant girl named Michaela went out to the woods with a basket
to collect wild mushrooms for dinner. In the middle of the
woods, she saw what looked like a perfectly smooth, perfectly
round white stone. It looked like an egg, but it was way too big
to be an egg.

Michaela tapped three times on the stone with her fingernail. To
her surprise, she heard three taps in return.

"Was that an echo?" Michaela asked.

A small voice from inside the stone said, "An echo?"

"How strange!" said Michaela.

"How strange!" said the voice.

"Someone is inside there!" said Michaela.

"...inside there!" said the voice.

Suddenly, the stone cracked and broke in half and a green
creature that looked like a dog with an alligator's head stood
up and looked around.

"What kind of animal are you?" asked Michaela.

"...animal are you?" said the animal.

"It talks!" said Michaela.

"It talks!" said the animal.

"You look like a dog, so I'll call you Fido." said Michaela.

" you fido." said the animal.

Michaela's mother shouted from home, "Michaela! Time for

"Time for dinner!" said Fido.

"Not for you, Fido!" replied Michaela, "Mama wouldn't let me
keep you as a pet. We are poor farmers. We don't have any extra
food for you."

"...extra food for you." said Fido.

When Michaela turned and began walking toward home, the animal
followed. Michaela stopped and turned. She held her finger in
front of Fido's nose, saying, "No! Sit! Stay!"

Fido repeated. "No! Sit! Stay!"

But he followed her again when she turned to walk home.

So Michaela demonstrated, "Sit". Then she sat on the ground.

Fido repeated, "Sit" and sat down.

Michaela said, "Stay." She crossed her arms across her lap.

Fido repeated. "Stay." He crossed his front paws as best he

Michaela stood up and backed away toward home pointing at Fido.
"Sit. Stay."

Fido remained sitting and repeated, "Sit. Stay."

Michaela went home for dinner, then returned to see her new pet.
But Fido wasn't there. Suddenly, Michaela heard a scream from
home. Running toward home, Michaela shouted, "What is it,

Her mother was standing with a pitchfork pointed at Fido, who
was cornered against the chicken coop. He had white feathers
sticking out of the corner of his mouth.

"Mother! Don't hurt him!" shouted Michaela, "He's my friend!"

Her mother shouted, "Well, your FRIEND just ate one of our
chickens! And now he's going to die!"

"No! Mother! Please!" Michaela shouted as she ran to defend
Fido. "His name is Fido."

"I'm sorry, Michaela," said her Mother, "He ate a chicken. He
has to die."

"Mother, please!" said Michaela, "He's very smart, aren't you,

"....aren't you, Fido?" repeated the dragon.

"He talks?!" asked Mother.

"Yes. He's very smart. He understands." He can help us, Mother,
you'll see!" replied Michaela. "We can train him to keep the
other wild animals away. Can we try it for a week? Please?"

Mother said, "Very well, Michaela, we'll give it a week. But if
I catch him eating any more chickens, I'll run him through!"

Michaela was a good artist. After dinner, she drew pictures of
all the animals on the farm and showed them to Fido.

"Chicken. No. No food. Pigs. No. No food." and so on.

Fido repeated all the instructions.

Then she drew pictures of other animals that like to eat
chickens and other farm animals.

"Fox. Mmmm good food! Eat. Mountain lion. Mmmm good food! Eat."

Fido repeated these instructions too. But he licked his chops
with each picture. Michaela was sure he understood.

That night, the family was awakened by the bleating of a goat.
They all ran outside to see a goat running away. But there was
fido standing with an animal in his mouth. Mother grabbed the
pitchfork and ran toward Fido.

"I warned you, Michaela. Now he has to die!" Mother said.

Fido crouched down and drop his head. The dead animal fell out
of his mouth.

"Mother! No!" cried Michaela. "Look! Look carefully at the
animal in his mouth."

It was dark outside. But in the moonlight, mother saw that the
dead animal was a mountain lion. Fido had followed Michaela's

Within a few days, everyone in the countryside heard about the
smart dragon who saved the goats from the mountain lion. The
mayor of the town asked Michaela if the dragon could protect the
town from a robber who was robbing banks in the area.

Michaela showed Fido a wanted-poster of the robber. His
distinctive hat had a broad brim and a very long peacock feather
in the hat band.

"Robber. Mmmm good food! Eat." said Michaela with a smile.

Fido looked at the poster and licked his chops.

"Mmmm good food. Eat." he repeated.

Then Michaela climbed on Fido's neck and they flew into town.
Michaela had Fido land on top of the bank building where he
layed down and waited for his next meal. Two days later, Fido
came flying home to the farm.

Before he landed, Michaela came outside shouting, "No, Fido, go
eat the robber! Go!"

But Fido landed and dropped a big broadbrimmed hat with a
peacock feather at Michaela's feet. "Mmmm good food!" he said
and licked his chops. The hat was all that was left of the

"Good work, Fido!" exclaimed Michaela.

A few days later, Michaela was in the hen house feeding the
chickens and collecting the eggs, when she heard the thundering
of several horses' hoofs. She went outside to investigate.

It was the king's royal coach pulled by four white horses. There
were two knights on black horses in front of the coach and two
knights on black horses behind. They were all galloping at full
speed toward the house. When they saw Michaela coming out of the
hen house, they steered their horses away from the house and
toward Michaela at full speed, then they halted the horses
inches away from her. The footman jumped down from the coach and
opened the door. Out stepped the king himself. Michaela and her
family bowed down.

The king pointed to Michaela and asked, "Is this the child who
has the pet dragon?"

"Yes, your majesty." said her mother.

"Come with me." commanded the king.

Michaela rode on Fido's neck and followed the coach to the
king's castle. The king pointed to a color painting on the wall
of the throne room saying, "That's my brother. He is plotting to
overthrow me and become king. His army is now stronger than my
army. Can you and your friend the dragon stop him?"

"Sure!" replied Michaela. She took the painting outside to Fido
and said, "Robber. Mmmm good food! Eat."

Fido looked at the painting and licked his chops.

"Mmmm good food. Eat." he repeated. Then Fido stood guard on top
of the palace wall.

Two days later a soldier shouted, "The enemy is coming! The
enemy is coming!"

Fido roused from his afternoon nap and flew away.

A few minutes later, a soldier shouted, "The enemy is
retreating. The enemy is running away!"

A few minutes after that everyone heard the loud sound of enemy
horses galloping away, as Fido flew back to the castle and laid
the hat of the king's brother at Michaela's feet and licked his
chops. The hat was all that was left of the king's evil brother.

"Mmmm good food. Eat." said Fido.

Fido and Michaela lived at the castle from then on. And everyone
in the kingdom lived happily ever after.

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