DOORA    3' The door to adventure

Michaela remembered where to find the invisible door. So, the
next day, while the rest of her family was out in the yard
playing croquet, she went into the woods and opened the
invisible door.

When she came out the other side, she was standing on a hill
overlooking the valley below. When she looked down, she saw that
she was standing on the striped line in the middle of a two-lane

"Why am I here?" Michaela asked herself, "The invisible door
usually brings me to places where I can help someone. But noone
is here."

Just then, Michaela heard metal-to-metal squeaking behind her.
But when she looked back, all she could see was the woods back
home. So, she closed the door. When the door became invisible,
she could see a car parked along the side of the road. A woman
was changing a flat tire. Just then, a teenaged boy came walking
by and reached into the open door of the car and stole the
woman's purse. Then he ran down the road and down the hill.

"Stop, thief!" shouted the woman, "Oh rats! By the time I get
this tire changed and go after him he'll be long gone!"

Michaela smiled as she once again had a chance to save the day
without risking her own life.

(Can you guess how Michaela stopped the thief with what she had
at hand?)

"I'll stop him!" shouted Michaela as she ran to the car and took
the spare tire that was leaning against the car and rolled it to
the center of the road. Then she rolled the tire down the hill
toward the escaping boy. Then, she ran after it.

The tire rolled faster and faster as it went down the hill until
it hit the boy in the back, knocking him on his face.

"Crime doesn't pay!" exclaimed Michaela as she picked up the
purse and rolled the spare tire back up the hill toward the car.

"Thank you so much!" said the woman as Michaela handed her back
her purse.

Then the woman turned back to finish changing the flat tire.
When she finally finished, she turned to thank Michaela again,
but Michaela had already walked back through the invisible door,
out of the woods and into the house just in time to watch the
evening news on television.

The reporter said, "A woman in rural Greenville County reported
that her stolen purse was recovered by a little girl who was
half the size of the boy who stole the purse. The little girl
reportedly stopped the thief by rolling a spare tire down the
hill at him. However, the little girl disappeared before the
woman could ask her name."

Once again, Michaela was a hero, but she couldn't tell anyone,
lest her parents find out that she had been in the woods alone.

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