DOOR9    3' The door to adventure

Michaela remembered where to find the invisible door. So, the
next day, while the rest of her family was playing Monopoly, she
went into the woods and opened the invisible door.

When she came out on the other side, she was on a freshly mowed
lawn standing next to a flag pole. The sign next to the flag
pole had an arrow pointing to a nearby water fall. Michaela
could hear the roar of the river water tumbling down to the
rocks below. But she didn't see anyone to rescue.

Just then, Michaela heard a man's voice shouting, "Help me! Help
me, somebody! Please!"

Michaela ran toward the edge of the cliff near the waterfall.
There, in the weeds a few feet below was a man reaching his hand
down for a boy who had fallen off the cliff and landed on a
large rock about six feet below, just out of reach. She could
see that if the boy moved just a few inches he would fall off
the rock and down the cliff.

"Can't you reach him?" asked Michaela.

"No. I need a rope or something." said the man, "Please help me!
I'm afraid my little boy will fall!"

For the first time since Michaela first discovered the invisible
door, she wouldn't have to risk her life to save the victim.
This rescue would be quick and easy.

After the rescue, Michaela walked back through the invisible
door and out of the woods and into the house just in time to
watch the evening news on television.

The reporter said, "Authorities are saying tonight that a small
boy was rescued from a high cliff near the waterfall today,
thanks to the quick thinking of a young girl. The father of the
little boy said that the little girl left right after the rescue
and didn't even tell him her name."

Can you tell how Michaela saved the young boy without risking
her life?

Here's how she actually did it.

She ran back to the flag pole and pulled down the flag. All
flagpoles have a rope to raise and lower the flag. This rope is
twice the length of the flag pole. She unhooked one end of the
rope from the flag and brought the loose end to the boy's dad.
Using the clip on the end of the rope, he made a loop in the
rope and lowered it to the boy who wrapped the loop around his
chest under his armpits. Then, once the rope was secure, his dad
lifted him to safety.

But when the man and the boy came up out of the weeds to thank
Michaela, she had already gone through the invisible door.

Once again, Michaela was a hero, but she couldn't tell anyone
about it, because she would have to tell them she went into the
woods where that man disappeared.

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