DOOR8    4' The door to adventure

Michaela remembered where to find the invisible door. So, the
next day, while the rest of her family was playing charades, she
went into the woods and opened the invisible door.

When she came out on the other side, she was in complete
darkness and it was raining. Then, as her eyes slowly got used
to the darkness, she could see the dim glow of two red lights.

As she walked toward the lights, she could see that they were
actually the tail lights of a car and the car was in a lake.
Only a small part of the roof of the car was above water.

Off to her right, Michaela could see tire marks in the lawn.
This car had skidded off the slippery road in the rain and
landed in the lake. The lake water was pressing against the
doors, trapping the driver inside.

If Michaela was going to rescue this driver she was going to
have to swim out to the car. But as she got to the water's edge,
Michaela felt the sharp, jagged rocks under her feet. Just
getting to the water would be risky.

Michaela now had to decide whether to risk her life to save the
driver of the car or go back through the door and hope that the
driver of the car could get out on his own.

She decided to rescue the driver.

After the rescue, Michaela went back through the invisible door,
out of the woods and into the house just in time to watch the
evening news on television.

The reporter said, "The Police Department reported tonight that
a woman driver and her daughter, whose car slid off the road and
into a lake, were rescued by, of all people, a little girl.
Unfortunately, the little girl didn't stay around long enough
for the victims to thank her for saving their lives."

From what you've read so far, can you tell how Michaela rescued
the woman and her young daughter from the submerged car?

Here's how she actually did it.

The same jagged rocks that made it difficult for Michaela to get
down to the lake turned out to be useful for the rescue.
Michaela picked up the biggest rock she could carry and waded
into the water toward the car.

Before she reached the back of the car, her head was under
water. So, she held the rock above her head. This weighted her
down so she could walk the last few steps to the car on the
bottom of the lake.

When she got to the car, she dropped the rock onto the trunk lid
while she climbed up onto the trunk. Then she picked up the rock
again and bashed the sharp edge of the stone against the back
window of the car, shattering the glass into small pieces.

Now that the back window of the car was one big hole, the woman
and her daughter could now swim out through it with Michaela's

Michaela then ran to a nearby house to ask them to call 911 and
borrow some blankets to keep the victims warm until help
arrived. However, by the time help arrived, Michaela had already
disappeared through the invisible door.

After the evening news, Michaela's mother turned to Michaela and
asked, "Your clothes are soaking wet! How did your clothes get
wet?! You didn't go swimming without adults around, did you?"

Michaela now had to admit to breaking two rules: she wasn't
supposed to go swimming alone and wasn't supposed to go into the
woods. So, she pointed to the television and said, "That was me
who rescued that woman and her daughter...."

But Michaela's mom didn't let her finish the story. Michaela was
grounded for a whole day for lying about the rescue. She didn't
even get a chance to talk about walking into the woods. And the
invisible door was still a secret.

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