DOOR7    3' The door to adventure

Michaela remembered where to find the invisible door. So, the
next day, while the rest of her family was playing chirades, she
went into the woods and opened the invisible door.

When she came out on the other side, she was in complete
darkness. The stars in the sky all around were twice as bright
as they were back home. When she looked down, she saw that
she was standing on what looked like one of those
satellites that were in orbit around the earth. That's when
Michaela realized that she was in outer space. But there's no
air in outer space and Michaela couldn't breathe.

There was noone around, so Michaela could understand why the
invisible door would take her to a place where noone needed

Suddenly, Michaela saw a blinking red light coming toward her.
She decided that it was a rocket ship. But if this rocket ship
kept coming, it would crash right into the satellite she was
standing on.

That's it! That's why the invisible door took Michaela here. She
was there to keep the rocket ship from crashing into the

Michaela had only a few seconds to decide whether to go back
through the door and back down to earth where she could breath
or to stay in outer space long enough to keep the rocket from
destroying the satellite.

She decided to stay and saved the satellite.

Just a few seconds later Michaela finished her work and
walked back through the invisible door out of the woods and into
the house just in time to watch the evening news on television.

The reporter said, "Authorities are saying tonight that a
television satellite costing five hundred million dollars
escaped destruction by a rocket bomb from an enemy nation. The
enemy rocket was headed directly for the satellite when the
satellite moved out of the rocket's path. It exploded just a
mile beyond the satellite. And the flash from the explosion
could be seen in the night sky from all over America."

The satellite has three small rocket motors to move it around in
space. Each rocket motor is pointing an a different direction.
Each motor has a red push-button with a label marked, "MANUAL".
Pushing this button turns the rocket motor on until you let the
button go. 

Can you tell how Michaela saved the five-hundred million dollar
satellite from the enemy'd rocket bomb.

Here's how she actually did it.

She found the rocket motor on the satellite that would push the
satellite to the side. She pushed the button and held it down
until the satellite began to move aside. By the time the enemy's
rocket bomb arrived, it missed the satellite by just a few
inches. But a few inches was just enough to save the satellite.

It took just a few seconds for Michaela to push the button and
save the satellite. So, she still had enough time to find the
invisible door and go through and back home to take a breath.

Michaela's mom who was watching the news story on TV said, "I
wonder how that satellite moved out of the way."

Michaela replied, "There's a red button on the side of the
rocket motor."

Michaela's dad asked, "How do you know that?"

Michaela replied, "It's a little difficult to explain. I
saw a satellite once."

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