DOOR6    4' The door to adventure

Michaela remembered where to find the invisible door. So, the
next day, while the rest of her family was watching a DVD movie.
she went into the woods and opened the invisible door.

When she came out on the other side, she was standing in a
big empty building. The only things left in the building were
three big shiny steel tanks and three big shelves full of empty
plastic gallon jugs. Half of the jugs had labels that said "Dish
washing detwergent" and half said "Window Cleaner". This was a
factory for making chemicals.

Michaela looked all around her but could see anyone. Usually,
the invisible door brought her to people who needed help. But
noone was here. Maybe the invisible door brought her to the
wrong place.

Michaela went back through the invisible door and closed, then
reopened it again. But again, she came out in the empty factory.
So, Michaela said, "Hello?"

"Please help me!" shouted a little girl's voice from the high
ceiling. But noone was up there.

"Where are you?" asked Michaela.

"I'm in here!" shouted the girl, "I'm inside of the tank."

Michaela walked over to the big tanks near the wall and stood
near the middle tank.

"Say something. Which tank are you in?" said Michaela.

"I'm in here." shouted the girl.

Now Michaela knew which tank the girl was in. She was in the
tank on the left side. But she couldn't see a door in the side
or bottom of the tank. So, she climbed up the ladder to the top
of the tank. There she saw a small door into the tank.

"How did you get in here?" asked Michaela looking down at a
little girl her own age who was sitting way down at the bottom
of the big tank.

"I was kidnapped." said the little girl. "They won't let me out
unless my mom and dad pay they the ransom. Can you get me out of

Michaela poked her head through the door into the tank and
looked around.

"I don't see a ladder or a rope. Did they just drop you down
there?" asked Michaela.

"Yes." I hurt my ankle. It hurts. "Can you get me out before
they get back?"

"When are they coming back?" asked Michaela.

"They'll be back any minute!" replied the girl, "They sad that
they're going to fill this tank with water and drown me when
they get back. Can you get me out?"

Now Michaela had to decide whether to try to save the girl and
rick being caught by the kidnappers OR whether to just go back
through the invisible door and save herself.

She decided to save the girl.

A few minutes later Michaela back through the invisible
door out of the woods and into the house just in time to watch
the evening news on television.

The reporter said, "The little girl who was kidnapped this
morning has been rescued, not by police or by firefighters, but
by a little girl her own age. Noone knows the name of this
little hero because she disappeared just before the police
arrived at the abandoned factory where the kidnap victim was
being held hostage."

But these are the only tools Michaela had to work with: the
steel tank had two valves on it. One value filled the tank with
water. The other valve emptied the tank. The only other tools
Michaela had were the empty gallon jugs in the shelve.

Can you tell how the Michaela rescued the little girl from the
big steel tank?

Here's how she actually did it:

She closed the drain valve on the big steel tank, then she
opened the water valve to let water come into the tank. But
first, she dropped two of the empty gallon jugs down to the
little girl and told her to hold them under her arms. The empty
jugs were filled with air, so they floated on the rising water.
By the time the water filled the tank, the girl was floating
near the top door of the tank. So, Michaela reached down and
lifted the girl out.

Then they climbed down the ladder. The girl ran out of the
factory and found a nearby store and asked the clerk to call the

By the time the police arrived, Michaela had already gone
through the invisible door and back to the vacation house.
She was a hero again, but noone knew who she was.

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