DOOR5    2' The door to adventure

Michaela remembered where to find the invisible door. So, the
next day, while the rest of her family was down at the
lake fishing, she went into the woods and opened the invisible

When she came out on the other side, she was standing in a
hallway next to a giant bank vault door. Inside the vault, she
could hear the sounds of pounding and drilling and grinding.

Michaela tip-toed around the door and looked in. There were
three men inside the vault breaking the locks on the drawers and
stealing the money and jewels inside.

Michaela stepped back and covered her mouth to avoid gasping.
She was right in the middle of a bank robbery!

Now, she had to decide whether to go back through the door to
safety or to stop the robbery. She decided to stop the robbery.

A few minutes later Michaela back through the invisible
door out of the woods and into the house just in time to watch
the evening news on television.

The reporter said, "This afternoon four bank robbers were
captured in the act of robbing the first national bank. Noone
seems to know how who it was or how he did it, but one person
apparently single-handedly captured the robbers, then
disappeared just before the police arrived at the bank.

Can you tell how Michaela rescued the kidnap vicitm.

Here's how she actually did it:

She pushed the big vault door closed and turned the wheel to
lock the door.

Suddenly, she heard the footsteps of someone coming. She tiptoed
back through the invisible door and pulled it almost closed as
she peeked out.

"Hurry up in there!" shouted the man with a big gun in his
hands, "The cops will be here any minute!"

Then he noticed that the vault door was closed. He turned the
wheel to unlock the door and pulled the door opened.

As soon as the door opened, one of the robbers inside the vault
grabbed the robber with the gun and punched him.

"Why did you lock us in, you jerk!" shouted the robbers." as the
pulled the man inside the vault.

Michaela came out of hiding and pushed the vault door closed
again, then turned the wheel to locked. Just then, she heard the
sirens from the police cars.

"My work is done here." said Michaela as she stepped through the
invisible door.

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