DOOR4    3' The door to adventure

Michaela remembered where to find the invisible door. So, the
next day, while the rest of her family was playing lawn darts,
she went into the woods and opened the invisible door.

All she could see left and right was blue sky. At first, she
thought she might be flying. But she couldn't feel any movement.
When she looked down, she saw clouds below her. But under her
feet were hundreds of small sticks and leaves.

So, she closed the door behind so she could look all around. Now
she could see a huge egg behind her. It was a hundred times
larger than the largest ostrich egg she'd ever seen. These
sticks and leaves must be the nest of a very large bird!

Just then, she heard a whoosh and floomp. She step over to the
edge of the nest and looked down to see what caused such an
unusual noise.

I was a dragon! Then she saw four white horses all harnessed
together. But they weren't pulling a wagon or a coach. When
Michaela looked to see what they were running from, she saw a
shining wooden coach with a royal shield painted on the door.
But it was on fire! The dragon had apparently breathed fire on
the coach.

But now, something else caught Michaela's eye. A little girl
about Michaela's age, dressed in an expensive looking dress was
running away from the burning coach in the opposite direction.

The invisible door had apparently taken Michaela to another
place AND another time... hundreds of years ago.

When Michaela looked toward the dragon again, she saw that it
was turning back toward the princess with fire breathing from
it's mouth.

Michaela was smaller than the dragon's egg. She knew she
couldn't fight the dragon. She knew that after the dragon burned
up the princess down below, it would return to its nest and do
the same to her. So, now she had to decide whether to stay and
fight or go back through the door to safety.

She decided to stay and fight.

A few minutes later, Michaela walked back through the door
and out of the woods and into the house just in time for the
family to leave to go to the public library. In the library,
Michaela decided to go to the history books and read about
kings, queens and history. The first book she took off the shelf
had a story about a little girl appeared out of nowhere and
saved the life of a princess.

"That was me!" gasped Michaela, "I'm in the history books!"

Michaela's brother looked over her shoulder and replied, "That's
impossible! That happened over five hundred years ago!"

Can you tell how Michaela rescued the princess?

Here's how she actually did it:

First, she stood on the edge of the nest and shouted at the top
of her lungs, "Dragon! Dragon! Look what I'm doing."

It worked, the dragon stopped chasing the princess and flew back
toward Michaela.

Then, she rolled the dragon's egg to the edge of the nest and
pushed it over the side. The egg tumbled down the mountain
side faster and faster. The dragon chased its egg all the way
down the mountain to the valley below, giving the princess lots
of time to get away.

The history book said that the little princess grew up to be a
great queen.

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