DOOR2    4' The door to adventure

Michaela remembered where to find the invisible door. So, the
next day, while the rest of her family was playing video games,
she went into the woods and opened the invisible door.

This time, instead of water all around, there were cars all
around. She was on the freeway. But she was higher than all the
other cars and trucks. She was standing on top of a motorhome
and the motor home was traveling down the freeway at sixty
miles per hours.

Suddenly, the motor home swerved to the left halfway into
another lane of traffic, narrowly missing another car. Horns
honked and people shouted. Then the motor home swerved to the
right halfway into another lane of traffic. More horns. More

"Something is wrong!" said Michaela to herself, "The driver of
this motor home is driving like a crazy man!"

Just then, the motor home swerved left again. Michaela let go of
the door and it slammed shut, disappearing completely. She
turned around to make note of where the door was, then she
turned back to see where the motor home was going.

A sign pass over Michaela's head that said, "Freeway ends one

But the motor home was not slowing down! It was going to crash
off the end of the freeway!

Michaela hurried to the ladder at the back of the motor home and
climbed down. There was a screen window looking into the bedroom
of the motor home. But Michaela didn't have time to be careful.
She stomped on the screen with the bottom of her feet and flew
through the window, landing on the bed.

Then she got up and ran toward the front of the motor home. The
driver was an old man with grey hair. His head was flopping with
the movement of the motor home. he eyes were open, but they
weren't looking at the road.

"Mister?! Mister?!" shouted Michaela as she shook him. "Are you

He mumbled something and then pointed to the seat to his right.
Michaela looked. There was a cell phone in the seat. She picked
up the cell phone and handed it to the old man. But he couldn't
hold it. It fell on the floor.

Just then, a big yellow sign with yellow flashing lights passed
overhead. It said, "Freeway ends, 1/4 mile ahead."

Michaela had to decide either to find a way to stop the motor
home or to run back up the ladder and through the door before
the motor home crashed.

She decided to stop the motor home before it crashed and get
some medical help for the sick driver. 

A few minutes later Michaela walked out of the woods and into
the house just in time to watch the evening news on television.

The reporter said, "Noone knows who stopped the motor home or
how he got into the motor while it was still moving. But police
officers at the scene said he surely saved the driver's life."

Can you tell how Michaela stopped the motor home before it
crashed and how she got police to help the driver?

Here's how she actually did it:

She sat in his lap and slid down his legs until her foot reached
the brake pedal. His foot was already on the brake pedal, but he
was too sick to puch down on it. So, she pushed down on his foot
as hard as she could to slow the motor home, while she turned
the steering where to guide the motor home to where there were
no cars in the way.

After the motor home was stopped, she picked up the old man's
cell phone from the floor and called the police and told them
where to find the sick old man.

Then, Michaela went back up on the roof of the motor home
and found the door and went back through it and back home.

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