ABILITY2 9' A peasant girl has special abilities

Once upon a time a long time ago in a land far, far away lived a
peasant girl named Michelle. She had special abilities that
noone else understood. She could see things that other people
couldn't see and she could hear things that other people
couldn't hear.

One day a little lamb escaped from the barn while noone was watching.
As Michelle was very good at finding lost things, her parents
asked her to go out and find the lost little lamb.

It was easy for her to follow the little lamb at first because it left
hoof prints in the soft dirt around the barn. But when the
tracks reached the grass, no hoof prints were left. So, Michelle
walked a crooked path in hopes that she could find a crushed
plant or other clues.

Just when Michelle began to fear that she would never find the
lost little lamb, she seemed to become blind for a split second, then
for that moment, all she could see was what looked like a
picture of the meadow ahead. Then, as quickly as the picture
appeared, it disappeared again and she could see the real
meadow ahead.

"What was that?!" she asked herself as she continued her zigzag
path through the meadow.

Suddenly, it happened again! A while later, it happened again,
and again!

It was always a different picture. It was always the same
scenery she was looking at, but from a slightly different view.
So, she began to look forward to the pictures and to take note
of them when they appeared. She noticed that the pictures seemed
to appear when one of her feet was on the grass, then the
picture disappeared as soon as she lifted her foot.

So, the next time the picture appeared, she stopped. When she
lifted her foot, the picture disappeared. When she put her foot
back down on the same spot, the same picture reappeared. Then
she tried it with the other foot. Same picture. She stooped down
and touched the same spot with her hand. Same picture.

And to her amazement, the picture was very close to what she
herself was looking at: it was the same view, down low to the

"I'll bet I'm seeing what the little lamb saw when she came by
here!" exclaimed Michelle.

Now, Michelle was very smart. She decided not to walk a zigzag
path anymore. Instead, she would walk toward where the little lamb was
looking at the time he touched the ground under her feet. Sure
enough, with almost every other step, she could see a picture.
Now, because she knew which direction to go, she began running
to catch up with the little lamb before he got himself into trouble.

After a few minutes, Michelle suddenly saw a completely
different picture. It wasn't the meadow ahead as it was before.
She stopped and looked around to see what the little lamb was
looking at.

"Backward!" she exclaimed, "The little lamb was looking backward! But
why was he looking backward? Does he hear me coming after him?"

A few steps later, Michelle received her answer. Again she saw a
picture. And again the picture was looking backward. But in
the distance in the picture was of a mountain lion! And the
mountain lion was coming after the little lamb!

She began running again, hoping beyond hope that she could scare
away the lion before he ate her little lamb.

Suddenly, the pictures began to blur.

"The little lamb must be running now!" exclaimed Michelle as she began
to run faster.

Suddenly, every few steps, she saw a second set of pictures.
These pictures showed the rear end of the little lamb running

"I must be seeing what the mountain lion saw when he stepped
here!" exclaimed Michelle as she ran even faster.

The closer the little lamb looked to the mountain lion, the faster
Michelle ran, until suddenly she didn't see any more pictured
from the lamb's view. And the pictures she was seeing from the
lion's view didn't show the little lamb anymore. All she could
see was what the lion could see. He looked left and right, left
and right. He was no longer running or walking. He was just
standing in one place and looking around, but the lamb wasn't in
any of the pictures.

"It looks like the little lamb got away!" exclaimed Michelle.

As Michelle came up over a hill, she saw the lion across the
meadow. He wasn't running anymore. He wasn't looking for the
lamb anymore. He had given up and was walking away. He had
indeed lost the little lamb.

"Now, I must find my little lamb." said Michelle.

Now she used her other abilities to look around.

"Where would I hide if I was afraid of a lion?" she asked

She used her see-through vision to look behind a fallen tree
trunk and several rocks. Then, suddenly, she saw the little lamb
crouching in the middle of a thick patch of tall grass.

Michelle was the hero of her family. And news of her special
abilities even reached the king.

One day Michelle's family heard the thunder of horses hoofs
approaching their farm house. It was the king himself in the
royal coach surrounded on all sides by armed guards on

"Michelle, you have to help me!" exclaimed the king as he
stepped out of the royal coach, "Someone stole the crown

"All of them?!" asked Michelle.

"All of them!" exclaimed the king.

"But how?" asked Michelle, "Aren't the crown jewels locked
inside the treasury room with armed guards outside?"

"Yes." replied the king, "There's only one key to the treasury
and I always carry it with me wherever I go. Whoever stole the
crown jewels got in and out of the treasury some other way. Can
you help be catch the thieves?"

"Yes, of course." replied Michelle, "I'll do whatever I can."

Back at the royal palace, the king unlocked the treasury and let
Michelle inside. She took off her shoes to feel the floor better
and walked in tiny steps all over the treasury floor.

The king said, "They tell me that you can see things when you
touch what other people have touched. Can you see anything?"

Michelle replied, "All I can see are pictures of YOU putting the
royal crown back on it's black velvet display. I can't see any
robbers anywhere."

Then she pointed up at the window high on the walls near the
roof of the treasury and said, "Maybe the robbers got in through
those windows and lowered themselves by ropes without touching
the floor. Can we go up on the roof?"

As soon as Michelle's bare foot touched the roof near the
windows, she saw a picture, saying, "This is it! This is how
they got in and out without opening the door!"

"What do you see?!" asked the king.

Michelle replied, "Whoever was standing up here had removed the
window glass and had poked his head inside and looked down at
the treasury below. I see four people down there, two men and
two women hanging upside down from two ropes."

"Hanging? Upside down?!" exclaimed the king.

"Yes," replied Michelle, "They're gripping the ropes with their
legs and feet only, leaving their arms free to pass the crown
jewels from one person to another all the way up the ropes to
the person standing here on the roof. The robbers are dressed
like circus performers."

Sure enough, a circus was in town that week. So, Michelle and
the king went to the meadow where the circus was performing. But
as the coach came to a stop, they could see that the meadow was

"To late!" exclaimed the king, "The circus has moved on to the
next city."

But Michelle got out of the coach.

"Where are you going?!" asked the king, "We need to chase the
circus so we can catch them before they get away!"

Michelle explained as she walked a zigzag path through the
meadow, "Let me just feel the grass for more clues. Maybe there
were more than just circus performers involved in the robbery."

When Michelle got to the place where the circus horses had been
tied, she stopped suddenly.

"Did you see something?!" exclaimed the king.

"Yes," replied Michelle, "I see a picture through the eyes of
someone standing here on the ground looking up at the four
circus performers. And there's also a fifth person who was
probably the person standing on the roof of the treasury whose
eyes I was looking through. All of the circus performers are
riding white horses. They're handing down cloth bags full of
stolen jewelry."

"Can you tell me anything about the person who is taking the
cloth bags?" asked the king.

"Not yet," replied Michelle, "But now he's giving some gold
coins to the circus performers. When he reaches out, I can see
his sleeves. There's gold braid on his sleeves, so I'm pretty
sure he's a man."

"Yes," replied the king, "and the gold braid on his sleeves tell
me he's a rich man."

Michelle turned and walked in small circles saying, "Now he's
walking away." 

Then she stopped suddenly.

"Do you see something?" asked the king.

"Yes," replied Michelle, "He's getting into a royal coach."

"A royal coach?!" exclaimed the king, "MY royal coach?"

"It looks like yours," replied Michelle, "but there's a
different picture painted on the door"

"Different picture?" asked the king, then he asked, "You mean
the royal seal, the coat of arms?"

"It looks like a shield." replied Michelle, "It's like the
shield on your coach, except that it has a lightening bolt
across it."

"That's my brother, Prince Phillip!" exclaimed the king, "That
scoundrel! My own brother stole MY crown jewels?!"

The king had his brother arrested and thrown in prison. And he
got his crown jewels back, thanks to the special abilities of

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